Dreams and Reality I Feel You Moving Away From Me
  Nesisitto tu Amore Waiting For a Miracle ll
  Sooner or Later ll Diamond and Rust
  River Roll On Covered Up ll
  Happy Just 2 Dance With You Wasting Love ll
  Sonny's Dream Maybe It's Just MoonBeams
  Covered Up Broken Arrow
  When I'm Bad Guilty As Charged
  What Do You Know About Love Tell Me A Secret
  Touched By You One Step Away
  Look Of Love Fall At Your Feet
  And I Love Him All In The Game
  Old Man Wonderful Fish
  If You Ever Lie Hi-way 44
  First Waltz Graeme's Guitar
  DarkTown Poker Club Crawl Across the Floor ( for you )
  Prairie Lines Wanna Win A Juno
  Burger & a Beer Wasting Love
  I'll Be There You Are What You Eat
  All I Want To Do ( is cry ) Soul Harbour
  Don't Tell Mom The Boomer Song
  Looking Back ( on my life ) Jesse
  Along The Malecon See Ya Later
  Colleen Cares End of the Road
  Barbie Queue From Elvis to Alvis
  Dennis In Fishland Teardrops
  I Think Of You ( and I cry ) Jazzy Moon
  Sax Organ Madness Big Nite
  3 AM What Does It Take
  Bad Blood 50 Year Road
  Where We Going With This Cool Heart
  Frog In My Closet Slippin Away
  We're in a War Lunar Reef
  Marrakech Hotel Pedal Power
  Spirit Why Don't Ya Call Me
  October Son Gold On Nylon
  I've Got Time Under The Wire
  When Alan Met Nancy The Bastille
  Storm Front Breezy Gazebo
  My New Pedal Lake Time
  Mario Help The Blind
  Marquesas Midi Jester
  Panel Beater Serenade Don't I Know You From Somewhere
  Bird Song Pickin My Pocket
  Windblown Heart Brand New Start
  Maybe I Was Wrong Whatever's Love
  Rain O Rain Tell Me A Secret
  Many A Tear WindBlown Heart
  Maybe I Was Wrong Brand New Start
  Bird Song Polar Bear Christmas
  Whatever's Love Rain O Rain
  Pickin' My Pocket Old Man
  Just This Close To Leaving Don't I Know You From Somewhere ll
  Change Of Heart ll Can't Force Love
  Caffeine In My Coffee Boomer Song ll
  Just This Close To Leavin Don't I Know You From Somewhere lll
  Change Of Heart Can't Force Love On Me
  Caffeine In My Coffee Boomer Song 2012
  Touched By You Dark Clouds In The South
  Don't I Know You From Somewhere John vox Trying To Find Answers