I've Got Time

Lyric Credits: Ryan Carr
Music Credits: Ryan Carr
Producer Credits: Ryan Carr
Publisher Credits: 1995 Michael Ryan Carr
Performance Credits: Ryan Carr
Short Song Description:
When your significant other dumps you, time presents itself.
Song Length 3:42
Primary Genre Pop-General
Secondary Genre Country-Rock
Tempo / Feel Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Time
Subject Matter 2 Breaking Up
Mood 1 Troubled
Mood 2 Poignant
Similar Artist 1 Hootie & The Blowfish
Similar Artist 2 Fleetwood Mac
Language English
Era 1990 - 1999
I?ve got time.

I?ve got time.
Time is all I?ve got.
Time to think of what you meant to me.
I?ve got friends,
Friends who think I?m right.
Though they?re not quite sure why I?m down.

But day after day,
I think about all the things I miss,
And if time does this,
Then you can have mine.

Time, time is slipping away.
Time, I know that you?ve gone to stay.
Time is passing me by,
Spend mine wondering why I let you go.

I?ve got time,
But time is not a friend.
Cause my time will end and I won?t have you.
I?ve got tears,
Tears filling my eyes.
Tears that I cry when I think of time.

Cause when I think of what it meant to hold you, and the time we spent.
But it?s all over now.


And If I could turn back the hands of time,
I?d pull them back to when you were mine.

Music and lyrics 1995 Michael Ryan Carr.SOCAN