What Does It Take

Lyric Credits: Ryan Carr ( SOCAN )
Music Credits: Ryan Carr
Producer Credits: Norm L Bias
Publisher Credits: Michael Ryan Carr
Performance Credits: Ryan Carr
Label Credits: Ryan Carr
Short Song Description:
Dealing with dishonesty in relationships can be frustrating to say the least. I mean, what does it take ....
Song Length 3:56
Primary Genre Jazz-Contemporary
Secondary Genre Pop-Europop
Tempo / Feel Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Frustration
Subject Matter 2 Fight
Mood 1 Heated
Mood 2 Annoyed
Similar Artist 1 Doobie Brothers, The
Similar Artist 2 Michael Bolton
Language English
Era 1990 - 1999
What Does It Take?

When we touch, your heart stops beating.
I don?t think that you can see the hurt in my eyes.
Just for once I wish you?d realize.
Honesty has never been real to you,
You made up your past but I was there too,
I just can?t forget all we?ve been through.

What does it take?
To get through to you?
What does it take to get through to you?
Why can?t you see? What I?ve been through?
What does it take to get through to you?

Rain is falling on our love now.
Can?t find a defence no shelter in sight.
I feel my life slipping from this night.
I remember times and places.
Things you swore to me I held you close.
Honesty is what I miss the most.


If we should say goodbye?

Looking in your eyes was like a dream.
Promises of love without a care.
Now I look the same eyes are not there.


Music and lyrics 1995 Michael Ryan Carr. SOCAN.