Lyric Credits: Ryan Carr
Music Credits: Ryan Carr
Producer Credits: Ryan Carr
Publisher Credits: 1995 Michael Ryan Carr
Performance Credits: Rayn Carr
Short Song Description:
When you are too busy with life, not realizing what's happening with relationships.
Song Length 3:56
Primary Genre R & B-Soul
Secondary Genre Pop-General
Tempo / Feel Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Dysfunctional Family
Subject Matter 2 Luck/Coincidence
Mood 1 Restless
Mood 2 Cheerless
Similar Artist 1 Heart
Similar Artist 2 Lou Rawls
Language English
Era 1990 - 1999

Another night has come and gone,
And you?re off to work again.
And I?m lying by myself in bed.
Thinking of the way our love for all these years has been the same.
And I reach to where you lay your head.
Well in the last few months we really haven?t spoken much.
It seems the little things get in the way.
How the kids are liking school how the family keeps in touch.
I guess you haven?t found the words to say.

Teardrops on your pillow.

You know a woman long enough ?till you think you know it all.
You stop sharing how you feel inside.
Like somehow just by being there, with your coat hung in the hall.
You know everything she feels inside.
And when I reach inside,
There?s always something in there.

That I can?t describe.
Take a look at you.
You?d never know that you had anything to hide.
It?s not as though I?ve been so busy that I didn?t have time to see.
The pressure building all around.
The way you take it all alone and never lean on me.
Your sky could fall and never make a sound.
Music and lyrics 1995 Michael Ryan Carr. SOCAN.