Wanna Win A Juno

Lyric Credits: Ryan Carr
Music Credits: Ryan Carr
Producer Credits: Ryan Carr
Publisher Credits: 1995 Michael Ryan Carr
Performance Credits: Ryan Carr
Short Song Description:
Young lad yearns for a Canadian Music Award. and dreams of the BIG TIME....
Story Behind the Song:
Needed something goofy as a counterpoint to an otherwise dark album .
Song Length 2:59
Primary Genre Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre Spoken Word-Humor
Tempo / Feel Multiple Tempos
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Stardom
Subject Matter 2 Frustration
Mood 1 Jovial
Mood 2 Affable
Similar Artist 1 Weird Al Yankovic
Similar Artist 2 Warren Zevon
Language English
Era 1990 - 1999
I Wanna Win a Juno
It would make my life complete,
If my mantle were replete,
With a high-gloss shine,
Pyramidal designed,
Juno award.

I wanna win a Juno,
I wonder if you know,
Just what that Juno,
Means to me?
So tall and acrylic,
It would be idyllic,
Can?t you see?

I wanna win a Juno,
I gotta see it through,
No one can keep me from this award.
The trains a-rollin? The whistle blowin, All Aboard!

(Juno) any category,
(Juno) Producer or best story,
(Juno) For the liner notes.
(Juno) I?ll tour in a hearse.
(Juno) I?ll cast a witches curse,
(Juno) If it gets me some votes!
Eye of newt,
Gerussi, Bruno get this boy a brand new Juno!

Just love those Juno?s,
Canadian as the Bluenose,
And one day who knows?
Maybe I?ll get mine.
But ?till that day comes,
I?ll tour the number one,
?Till the end of time.

Don?t want no Grammy,
Just ask my mammy,
It?s mamby-pamby,
Can?t you see?
Just love those Juno?s,
For me.
(Premiére étoile pour moi)

**Endless thanks**

Music and lyrics 1995 Michael Ryan Carr. SOCAN.